Sunday, May 19, 2013

THE GOOD SHEPHERD Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd... God knows the relationship of the Shepherd and the Sheep. The welfare of any sheep depends on the man who owns it... 12 characteristics of Sheep 1. Sheep are foolish 2. Slow to learn 3. Lacking in agility 4. They are demanding 5. Sheep are stubborn 6. Sheep are strong 7. Sheep are straying Isaiah 53:6 8. Sheep are unpredictable 9. Copy cats 10. Restless 11. Dependent 12. They are the same everywhere 2 types of shepherds Good managers Bad managers Characteristics of a Good manager - Gentle manager; no matter how foolish and stubborn... - Kind Luke 6:26-35 - Caring - He is a loving shepherd John 17:26 - He is brave - He is selfless John 15:13 John 10:12-13 Characteristics of a bad manager - Neglectful - cruel - Fearful - selfish 1.Being the shepherd speaks of control; the sheep's present welfare is in the hands of the shepherd. 2. The future destiny of the sheep is in the hand of the shepherd Jeremiah 29:11 3. The sheep's life success is in the hands of the shepherd 4. The sheep's protection depends on the shepherd Psalm 23:4 5. The sheep's destination depends on the leadership of the shepherd 6. The good shepherd knows you by name John 10:3 Phill 4:1 John 8:43 - When you have another person/thing as your shepherd, you will not succeed and become a target for evil attacks Psalm 91:10 Who is in control of your life? Who do you belong to? We need to search ourselves and answer these questions Are we one of Christ's sheep? Is the Lord Jesus your shepherd? If not, you have the chance today to accept Him as your Lord and personal Saviour. We need to come to God and let him take total control of our lives. God Bless

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