About Us

 Global Vision Ministries, Inc is a non - denominational church located in the heart of the City of Atlanta-Georgia. A church that bridges the gap between the uncompromised message of Jesus Christ and modern methods of communication. You will find practical teaching from the Bible presented in a welcome atmosphere. Who wouldn’t love that?

The cultural diversity at Global Vision Ministries is striking. Many different ages, races, and cultures have been able to maintain their God-given individuality and still come together as a unified family.

Come check us out, and you’ll find there is a place for you.

Global Vision Ministries, Inc grows members who always step out in force, inspired and spiritually armed by Pastor Timothy Atunnise to help others and positivelly affect their communities and the world with uncommon anointing that produces uncommon breakthroughs.

Global Vision Ministries, Inc is a ministry called out for this last generation to reach out in all capacity of the great commission and great commandment.

Global Vision Ministries, Inc is a ministry committed to the work of the Gospel, to disciple all nations for the end time task, to raise people of power in order to cause last day Revival and making ready the saints for rapture.

Global Vision Ministries, Inc is a model for a racial harmony and diversity, a congregation of African, African-American and Jamaican members. Every month, Global Vision Ministries, Inc reaches out to thousands of people through our prayer program "Prayer of The Day", daily spiritual vitamins, worship services, educational and community outreaches. Global Vision's hand or ministry reaches out through special programs for foreign visitors, homeless, hospitals and prisons.

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