Sunday, May 6, 2012

Becoming More Like Christ

2 Corinthians 3:18

1.      You are still human

a.       More Christ-like does not mean losing your individuality that makes you unique.

b.      God does not want to change your uniqueness

c.       God does not want to take away your personality

2.      Put on the new man

a.       Christ-likeness is about transforming your character

b.      Take on a new way of life

c.       Put on the new man to live a God fashioned life.

d.      Put on the new man to live a life renewed from the inside

e.       Let God produce His character in you.

3.      In the midst of adversity

a.       Abundant life is not the absence of adversity

b.      It is growth in the midst of it

c.       Allow the Holy Spirit to work within you

d.      Trust God to give you power to make the right choice

4.      Things God will do when you trust and obey Him

a.       He will give you power

b.      He will give you strength to love

c.       He will give you wisdom and understanding

d.      He will guide and direct you

e.       He will answer when you call

5.      Cooperating with the Holy Spirit

a.       Obedience unlocks the power of God

b.      God waits for you to act on His instruction

c.       Do not wait until you feel capable or confident

d.      Trust God and move ahead even in your weakness

e.       Do the right thing in spite of your fears

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