Thursday, March 1, 2012


(Matthew 25:1-13)(Isaiah 40:9-10)

1.      We are Daniel of this generation
-          Daniel was given the revelation about what will happen to his people (Israel) in future. (Dan. 9:22-24)
-          John was given the revelation about what will happen on earth and in heaven concerning the Church. (Rev. 1:1, 20).
-          We are given the assignment to prepare people and proclaim the last message (Jesus is Coming) and to interpret the signs of times. (Dan. 5:25-28).

2.      What in the world is happening?
a.       The world economy has collapsed
b.      Increase in world population
c.       There is no peace (Rumors of war)(East Africa & Middle East)
d.      Global disasters
·         Australia Flood (Worst flood since 1974)
·         Mudslides in Brazil (Death toll above 800)
·         Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans)
·         Tornadoes (Just happened – 4/27/2011)
·         Haiti Earthquake (Casualties – 316,000)
·         Indonesia Tsunami (Casualties – 173,981)
·         Japan Tsunami (Casualties – 10,000+)
·         Iceland Volcano eruption (Ash emission reached 838km)
e.       Diseases and untimely deaths
f.       Famine
·         Who will that leader be?
·         His identity
·         His character
·         His Nationality

3.      Church of the end-times
a.       Church has lost her basic calling (Eph. 1:4-14)
b.      Church has misplaced her priorities
c.       Church becomes preoccupied with building and programs
d.      Is your church worldly standard or God standard?
e.       Misinterpretation of Scriptures to serve their purpose and to fulfill their own desire.
f.       Hollywood pastors have turned church services to entertainment and pulpit to acting stage.
g.       Getting people somehow strategies.

4.      Do not be deceived, do not lose focus
These are instruments of the devil to deceive the saints:
a.       Money – This has become god for many (Matt. 6:24)(1 Tim. 6:7-12)
b.      Technology advancement (Dan. 12:4).
c.       World has become a global village (Dan. 12:4)
d.      Vain desire (Gen. 2:8-9)(Gen. 3:6)
e.       Wolves in sheep clothing.

5.      God is building His army
God is recruiting / looking for people that are:
a.       Available
b.      Faithful
c.       Committed
d.      Teachable
e.       Willing to make sacrifice
f.       Not ashamed of the gospel (Rom. 1:16)
g.       Ready to take over the world for Christ.

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